Carpets & Flooring

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In our showroom we have a vast selection of carpets in a variety of designs, colours and textures to suit any home and budget.

We have year’s worth of experience working with all types of carpet and we are here to help and advise you on the carpet that best suits your home and style.

Our team of experienced fitters are able to fit all types of flooring to the highest standards. We also help to move furniture from rooms and dispose of the old carpet and underlay.

Hard wood floors offer a very elegant and sophisticated look while being very durable and practical. With hard wood floors available in many different species, finishes and treatments there is a unique floor to suit your style.

Vinyl tiles are an excellent alternative to natural products such as stone and are available in textured as well as smooth finishes and can be fitted in a whole host of different patterns and designs. They are very tough, durable as well as being very hygienic and easy to clean.